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Thank you to all those who participated in raising money for our stylist Malina!

A special thank you to those who donated gifts for the baskets. Without you, we wouldn’t have had a raffle!

1. Hardline Tattoo- Branden Gelineau

2. The Vintage Market Home- Rina Belanger

3. Dolly Doherty

4. Marie Serna

5. Victory Lane- James Harrington

6. Sakora Salon- Angela Lancina

7. Angie Javarinis

8. Debbie Meeks

9. Three Nicks Tap Room- Nick

10. Meredith Steinmatz

11. Nancy Cotter

12. Deb Delricci

13. Michele Burgess

14. Lisa Musso


Over $5,000 was collected and goes directly towards her medical bills. 

Below are the results of the raffle.

  1. Vince Astornio

  2. Sue Yandura

  3. Irene Fritz

  4. Rick Rodriguez

  5. Don Thompson

  6. Cindy Kuhn

  7. Don Thompson

  8. Mike Hoover

  9. Mary Lou Thompson

  10. K. Willim

  11. Mia Hillen

  12. Jackie Dubrul

  13. Cindy Lemire

  14. Vince Astornio

  15. Kelly Draper

  16. Bill Chubb

  17. Rina Belanger

  18. Laura Kiesslang

  19. Melissa Bryzs

  20. Ally

  21. Karen Barrile

  22. Michelle Champagne

If you are a winner, please come in during business hours to claim your prize!

Congratulations and thank you again! Sakora Salon is grateful for your participation.


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